About Aztec Aquarium

Aztec Aquarium is Adelaide’s specialist nano aquarium shop. Our store is located just outside the Adelaide CBD, with easy parking. Visit us and shop in store, or shop online.

Pop in and see our large range of healthy tropical and cold water aquarium fish and shrimp. Our true aquatic plants will create stunning aquascapes and habitats that your fishy friends will love. With our variety of quality aquariums, equipment, decorations and accessories, you’ll find everything you need.

We care about our planet, so we make sure that all of our livestock is ethically and sustainably sourced. This means we only stock tank-bred and reared livestock. No wild caught fish! Plus we source our fish and plants from local Australian breeders and growers wherever possible.

Aztec Aquarium is a South Australian family owned small business. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and passion for fish and for sustainability. We opened in August 2018 and just two years later we expanded into the shop next door. This means we now offer a larger range, plus the competitive prices and excellent customer service and advice we’re renowned for. ​​​​

We look forward to sharing our passion with you.​​